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A Calendar on Steroids.

Basic features include two-level event categorization, built-in athletic scheduling, customizable e-mail event reminders, export to Outlook, and printer-friendly views. View by month, week, date, or annual list by category, subcategory or View All. Search by keyword and list by category and subcategory. Administrators can even promote events by the day depending on importance.

News with Advanced Features

Site administrators can categorize news and allow items to show on specific pages and within specific sections (e.g. Athletics>>Baseball). Articles can include their own photo galleries with images and captions which archive automatically for future reference. News can be internally produced or linked to a local newspaper or to an attached file (PDF, etc.). Items can be assigned to not display on the homepage and each new item has it's own unique Facebook share tools and can be searched site-wide by phrase or keyword.

Athletic Schedules

Schedules can be managed by year, given unique start and end dates (because schedules don't start Jan 1) and be given mobile-friendly traits. All schedule events show up on both the main calendar in their respective categories and in their assigned schedules which can be listed by themselves on the site or with other related schedules (e.g. JV and Varsity on same page).

Powerful Faculty & Staff Directories

The CHS faculty and staff directory features both A-Z and departmental listings. Employees can be listed in several categories which comes in handy when the Track Coach also teaches Geography and is a College Counselor too.

Spirit Store

This tool allows the administrator of the school's bookstore to easily list the items available by category and promote seasonal items.

Online Cafeteria Reports and Payments

A secure area for parents allows them to monitor their child(ren)'s spending habits, account balances and make online deposits.

A Massive Alumni Portal

The CHS Alumni community consists of tools which allow members to make current info available to the alumni office while choose which info to display to other members. Alumni can upload family photos, see recent classmate activity, submit prayer requests, post job requests/openings, e-mail classmates for reunion planning and more.

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