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Home Listings- Available and Sold

The site features a simple method of showcasing available homes and those that have already been sold within the development. Where applicable, the site links out to MLS listings for more detailed information.

A Great Looking Birds-eye View

Central to the site is the map of the subdivision, complete with an easy-to-read key denoting lots for sale, pending sale, sold and reserved.

Color and Design Coordination

When we develop our sites, we pay careful attention to the palettes we use, always sampling client imagery and making sure everything remains consistent with the established brand. In our world, color selection is a foundation and more importantly, an emotional motivator. Therefor, it is important that no aesthetic consideration is overlooked.

Even the Logo Design has Purpose

In designing a mark or logo for our clients, we consider all of its various future uses and create classical artwork that will stand the test of time.

Custom Maps

Sure, a Google map would be easy, but instead, a custom map adds to the tailored feel of this site and just looks great. Like the homes built by Bardwell Development, it's all in the details.

Audubon Square