About Redstick Internet


Red Stick: the English translation of the French "Baton Rouge".

We are a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based web design and development firm.  Since 1997, our designers and developers have specialized in creating custom websites and building advanced functionality that works exactly like our clients want and need.  We're not limited to working with Wordpress or other template-driven platforms and systems that are largely dependent on third-party plugins.  We can build to custom specifications and have the expertise to drive the development process from conceptual to design, delivery, and marketing maintenance.   In short, we build powerful user-friendly websites and applications that make your job easier, your company more profitable and your customers more loyal. 

Our clients consider Redstick an active partner in establishing goals and direction for ideal online communication.  Our experience in assisting businesses and organizations has given us the expertise to clearly define issues, assess potential and develop blueprints to success. 

Good Looks Aren't Enough

While Redstick designs some of the most attractive sites in the industry, we have learned over time that good looks are only a part of the equation. Our sites utilize secure database tools which enable your staff to update and manage information with extreme ease. From posting company news and blog entries to fulfilling orders, managing memberships, to responsive, mobile-friendly applications, Redstick has the experience to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Connect with a partner that gets results. Call us today


Redstick Internet, LLC
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