Navigation and Page Building Redstick Internet

Navigation and Page Building

A navigation system and page builder ensures your site is easy to use and can grow with your needs.  Keeping your content updated and timely, not to mention engaging, is one of the toughest challenges website administrators have – especially when content contributors are mostly volunteers.  Fortunately we’ve made it easy with a special page builder tool that enables site administrators to build sections and sub-pages from a range of custom templates.

One of the biggest challenges webmasters face, especially when you rely on a largely volunteer group for your content, is ensuring design elements stay consistent throughout the site.  With this framework, almost anyone can contribute news articles, update calendars and more.  All the requisite programming and design, including colors and font styles, are “built-in” ensuring that no matter who contributes the content, your site keeps a professional look and feel throughout.  The Navigation/Page Builder tool allows you to easily paste from Word while stripping out underlying proprietary code and allows for easily linking to uploaded files or other pages within the site. The technology stays in the background so your contributors can stay focused on their story, not the format.  

Redstick's experts will set up your initial navigation and pages with the text and imagery you provide.  Our page building administrative tool allows you to add, delete and edit pages, sections, content and photos easily. 

Practical Case Study:

Our tools make it easy for multiple people to collaborate on a section or page before making it visible to the public. It also helps you to approve all content to ensure everything is appropriate before it’s published.   A great example of this is an Emergency Preparedness section that remains hidden for most of the year but might be available before and during hurricane season.  You can preload all resources and contingency plans and "launch" the section seasonally.