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About Us

We’re the authority on school websites.  Over the past fifteen years we’ve helped dozens of schools optimize their websites so they can provide timely and engaging information to parents, students, prospective families and students as well as alumni.  

As the saying goes “a first impression is a lasting impression.”  Your school’s website is an interactive representation of all of your offerings.  In this digital era, it’s your calling card to the outside world.

There is no question that the Internet is here to stay and has changed the way we must communicate.  Gone are static sites with yesterday’s news, or worse, last month’s news.  Today’s technology, along with tools developed by School Web Experts, makes it possible to upgrade your existing site with a content management system so you can rapidly update your audiences with the latest news.  All the programming language and requisite technical expertise stays in the background so literally anyone with a basic knowledge of word processing can contribute content to your site.

Our design templates and content management system assures you, regardless of where the content comes from, that the end result is a consistent look and feel throughout your site.

What’s more, we’ve invested in the servers, the high-performance bandwidth, the software and all the other technology necessary to create advanced programming tools.  We’ve conducted focus groups and participated in hundreds of conversations so we could learn what school administrators, parents and students want from their site. 

And the best news of all, your new and improved site is an investment that rapidly pays for itself, and with careful planning, doesn’t cost as much as you might think.