Our Approach Redstick Internet

Our Approach

In our experience of developing powerful and effective sites for schools over the past sixteen years, we've created a method that make the creative and information gathering process as easy as can be.

On average, a well planned school site should take no more than 45-60 business days to develop and populate with information. This assumes that the school can dedicate an individual to part-time coordination of information gathering and editing of content. Redstick also offers content gathering and coordination as a service.

Day 1-5 Initial compositions are developed for client review, on-site orientation meeting with information gathering committee, initial outline agreed upon (based on planning work prior to contract)
Day 12-14 First Round Design Submitted
Day 14-18 Client comments on first round of designs
Day 18-22 Second round design revisions developed, Final site outline agreed upon
Day 22-30 Final design revisions developed
Day 7-30 Database development and HTML programming
Day 36 Final design agreed upon, client sign-off on aesthetics
Day 45 On-site training held and data entry begins
Day 45-60 Data entry, testing, troubleshooting, client approval
Day 60 Site Launch

During the initial meeting with client, Redstick delivers a proven, information gathering guide for assisting in the delegation, encouragement, and collection of information from the various sources that school will have to tap in the data gathering process.

Weekly progress reports are developed by Redstick so that tasks stay on track and responsible parties are accountable to a master development plan. From our experience, well planned initiatives stay on track and under budget.