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Yesterdays news is just that, old news.  For long-term relevance, the news on your site needs to stay updated.  But the easiest way to keep content current and relevant is to allow multiple school personnel to contribute feature articles and announcements.  NewsCollect is our tool that makes it easy to keep your school’s news pages relevant without losing control.  

Our NewsCollect tool provides templates on your site, so you can collect and publish current information without compromising site design – and if necessary post the new information in a queue for a site administrator to approve before it’s published.   This news tool also allows the site administrator(s) to add news items to the home page and designate it to be posted on sub-sections of the site.   News can be posted using a simple WYSIWYG editor, added as a PDF or a link to an external source.

A Practical Case Study:

Ever think to yourself, “ I need to put this news on the girl's volleyball page?”  We make it easy to populate multiple pages with just a few clicks. simply select “add a news item,” give it a category of “Girl's Volleyball” and it automatically shows up on the pages you designate - home page, the news page, the athletics page and the girl's volleyball page – one or all four.