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Interactive Product Promotion

Hover over a book cover on Holly's homepage and you'll see a short description of the book along with two sample dishes and a link to more detail. All color coordinated, simple and beautiful.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Holly's book page lets visitors view details of all of her books along with descriptions of contents, the ability to view sample recipes, and ultimately buy at

Recipe Perfection

Holly's recipe pages display beautiful photographs and simple to follow instructions. Visitors can print the recipe, view more from the current cookbook, "pin" the photo to Pinterest, and more.

Print it, Pin It, Buy It, Share It...

Social media and other tools allow Holly's site visitors to share her recipes via multiple social media networks, print a printer-friendly version and purchase the cookbook that contains the recipe. Visitors viewing a recipe can also view other recipes from the same book via a cross-reference link.

E-News, Social Media and Video

Holly's fans stay up to date by receiving a regular e-newsletter and follow her via all of today's popular social media networks including videos on YouTube.

Holly Clegg