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Dynamic Elements Everywhere

This site pulls pertinent data where needed, whether it's latest news, a case study, specialized contact person, a random (or related) featured service.

Contact Made Easy.

With twelve U.S. locations and various team members who need to be contacted depending on the area of specialty the visitor is viewing, this site makes finding the right contact simple and intuitive.

Database-driven Case Studies

Case studies can be categorized and related to content throughout the site or viewed in one convenient location.

Beautiful Aesthetic Coordination

Throughout the site, great care is given in the selection and development of both imagery and text elements. The not-so-subtle color choices support the brand and make online viewing a pleasure.

We're Wherever You Are.

No matter where you are on the site, when you are ready to contact a representative, we'll suggest the right one(s). Our CMS allows for team members to be placed at various offices and assigned areas of specialty in order to present them at the right time and in context.

Creative Navigation and Flexibility

Main content is placed with one of three broad classifications (Areas of Expertise, Specialized Industries, or Services). Subpages can be added to each along with category-specific team members (contacts), news, case studies, and other specifically related services.

Smart News Tools.

McGriff mainly generates news in two categories: Company-related and Industry news. It can then further categorize it by area of specialty and service. While all news is available from the main repository, it can also be filtered to the About Us section, to the e-newsletter, and to the main sections of the site by other association (area of specialty, etc.)

McGriff, Seibels & Williams